Thursday, December 04, 2008

Prop 8 - The Musical

Starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Maya Rudolph, Neil Patrick Harris and many more.


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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Due to the dwindling number of posts recently and an uptick in my work at the school paper as well as the end of the semester, I won't be posting anymore until early December when the semester is over. This should be around December 8. See you then!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Your Weekly Address

President-elect Barack Obama has posted his first Weekly Address that he plans on delivering from here on out. This is a far cry from the days of people being removed from their governments. I predict great changes to come in the months and years ahead. It really is a new generation we're living in.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A right is a right

I have felt this post coming on for a while now, but this past week it became clear that it really needed to be said. With the passage of Proposition 8 in California last Tuesday, this country took two steps back. 

The campaign to oppose Proposition 8, which sought to amend the California constitution to specifically deny same-sex couples the right to marry sadly came to an end. The proposition passed and now many same-sex couples are being denied their right to marry. Those who valiantly fought the Prop 8 legislation are still fighting hard for their voices to be heard. Many rallies and protests have been held since November 4 to fight this legislation and they will continue, I hope, until this decision is reversed. 

LGBT citizens of this country deserve to be treated like everyone else. The legalization of discrimination is a sad, sad thing to witness in our country that has prided itself on its fairness and equality for all. Just like the days when that fairness and equality was only granted to white males, minorities of our country are being DENIED a basic civil liberty. People can run to their bibles or dictionaries to justify their "Yes" vote on Prop 8, but in the end they have chosen to LEGISLATE discrimination. It's a gloomy day in this country when an amendment is tacked onto a constitution to deny a group of people rights. Last time I checked, we are in the USA and I am not feeling very American right now.

Let's not even begin with the people who object same-sex couples marrying out of their own revulsion for them, but let's begin with those who tack on a smile to hide their hate-filled hearts as they smarmily inform us that the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. Even if this were true, the concept of marriage was once considered to be only between same-race couples. In this country, a black person could not marry a white person. In this country, blacks were told "Heyyy, that water fountain over there is just fine for you, 'separate but equal' remember!?" In this country, women were denied a right to vote, effectively denying their citizenship. Effectively denying their HUMANITY.

So, while you cling to your dictionary and religious beliefs, did you ever think that 1) your religion should not prohibit someone else's basic rights 2) separation of church and state, hello? and 3) if changing the definition of marriage is what it took for interracial couples to be allowed their rights, then don't you think it's time for the definition of marriage to allow for the inclusion of everyone? Stop clinging so dearly to your semantics, people.

It is absolutely wrong to legislate discrimination in this country. We have learned that legislating unequal treatment is wrong. Even if you don't believe in same-sex marriage, no matter who you are and for whatever reason, you have to agree that discrimination is wrong... it is un-American and it opposes everything that our country stands for. We live in a nation where we promise liberty and justice for all. Does it sound right that some citizens should not be allowed to marry just because other citizens think they should not be allowed to? It is the duty of our country to defend the rights of the minority in order to achieve equality for all. Allowing same-sex marriage rights WILL NOT AFFECT the marriage rights of anyone else... and for that reason alone it seems foolish to try and deny those rights to anyone. This would be the first time a Constitution would be amended to take away rights from a group of people. It's just wrong.

Please just stop and take the time to think how you would feel if someone tried to deny you YOUR rights. I feel like I've been saying this over and over in recent days, but I really, REALLY want to know.

Why is it that people make so much room for hate in their hearts, when there is so much potential for love?

These are my thoughts on the issue, if you had the patience to read through all that, I hope you realize that this is coming from a good place. I only want to see people treated .... like people. I want to see the good in people, not the bad. I want to continue to be proud of my country. I don't want to offend anyone affiliated with any particular religion. That is what confounds me sometimes. Religion has engendered so much love among people, yet we have also allowed it to perpetuate hate. Please, stop hate.

I will leave you with this special comment from Keith Olbermann. He has a better way with words than me, I'm sure. Or perhaps he really grates you. Either way, he's got some great things to say.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Election Night with the Obamas

The First Family-elect decided to share a few intimate, behind-the-scenes photos of their family waiting for the election results on Election Night. President-elect Obama had a bunch of private photos posted to his official Flickr photo album to share his family's Election Night activities with the world.

I've got a bevy of photos comin' atcha, but they were too hard to choose between, so I decided to post most all of them.

They are really a beautiful family. It's very endearing to see these photos of President-elect Obama with his beautiful daughters and wife. It's amazing that after so many years, we get to see a black family in the White House. I am proud to be an American, how 'bout you? "It's A New Day"

Black Eyed Peas frontman debuted his new Obama Victory Song music video "It's A New Day" on Oprah Friday. Here it is for your viewing pleasure or disdain: really has been behind Obama now for a very long time. He's worked to further his campaign and really secure his victory and I have to say this might be one of the most genuine celebrity "endorsements" (for lack of a better word) of sorts I've seen so far. The election may be over, but we have seen hordes of celeb PSAs that came off condescending and just plain annoying. I mean when you have people who are rich from looking pretty on screen undermining your intelligence with reverse psychology PSAs and talking to you like you're a child who can't choose between the red popsicle or the blue popsicle, it gets a little annoying. Or maybe that's just me. All in all though, I really can't hate on them, they are doing what they can to get the message out there that we need to exercise our civic duty and I suppose they deserve props for that.

Anyways, now that I'm done with my tangent, I have to say that's video really touched me and it really does feel like a "new day" here in America.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama speaks to Russian Prez

The president-elect spoke to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today on a round of phone calls with leaders of other nations.

A statement released by the Kremlin says the two "expressed the determination to create constructive and positive interaction for the good of global stability and development" and agreed that their countries had a common responsibility to address "serious problems of a global nature."

Medvedev and Obama also believe an "early bilateral meeting" should be arranged.

Obama's office did not issue a statement describing the call, so this is the most we will know of the phone call as of today.

Look at him... already hard at work after all that crucial decision-making regarding the next first dog for his daughters Sasha and Malia.